How does your system compare to an ICE motor?

Photon’s electric outboard motors deliver performance, torque, and speed without compromise. Unlike an ICE motor, electric propulsion delivers immediate and consistent torque throughout the power curve. This translates into getting onto a plane faster, more precise maneuvering, and a more efficient and quieter system.

What does maintenance look like?

Our electric motors have fewer moving parts than an ICE motor, so there are fewer parts to maintain and replace. The outboard motor will require gear lube service, but other than that, it’s maintenance free.

What type of range do you get?

It depends on the application and the battery pack size. Slower moving displacement hulls can get 8+ hours of operation, while faster moving planing hulls might only get 2 hours of operation. Our solution is designed to pair with DC fast chargers for a quick recharge at the dock.

How fast can it go?

Our intended peak speed on the P300 system is 50 knots.

What does your warranty look like?

We intend to offer an industry-leading five year commercial warranty for our outboard motor system. We will have more details in the coming months.

Is there a way to finance the system?

We intend to offer a financing option for our propulsion system to make the cost of switching easier. Please stay tuned for more information.

Do you install your system on older vessels?

Yes! Our system is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing gas propulsion systems.Our battery packs are designed to fit in the hull where the fuel tanks are typically installed. Since boat hulls last so long, retrofits are a key component of our business.

Do you manufacture boats?

No. We’re vessel agnostic, and our technology will work on rigid inflatable, planing, and displacement hulls. If you’re a boat manufacturer and want to learn more about offering our systems as a propulsion option, please reach out.

How do you recharge the batteries?

Many marinas already have charging infrastructure that’s metered for boat slips to recharge the starter and house batteries aboard vessels. For many of our customers 240v service will provide sufficient energy to recharge a battery overnight. For more energy intensive applications, we suggest pairing our solution with a DC fast charging station provided by Aqua superPower that can recharge an entire 100kWh battery pack in under an hour.

How do you calculate the payback period?

Right now, we include hours of operation, fuel costs, electricity costs, and routine maintenance. We recognize that many commercial operators also factor in lost revenue from being out of the water as a consideration. We exclude this, as it varies by industry, so the numbers we display are a conservative baseline for the value of switching to electric. 

Do you sell your system to recreational boaters?

Not yet! But if you’re interested in being added to our recreational boater waitlist, please sign up for updates and let us know where you’re based.