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Navigating to an electric future

We believe that the next generation of marine propulsion will be free of fumes, oil changes, and engine noise.

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The most advanced batteries on the water

Photon’s energy storage system relies upon high-performance, liquid-cooled lithium ion battery modules that are powered by a best-in-class battery management system and intelligent energy management software platform.

Start your engines.


Go further, faster

500 Nm

Peak Torque

300 HP

Peak HP

Up to 126kWh

Battery Capacity
Explore the P300

Introducing PVOS

Smarter fleets,
cleaner future

Photon’s systems are powered by pvOS, our Photon Electric Vessel Operating System, which offers intelligent energy management, predictive maintenance, and fleet management for commercial operators.

Designed with precision and detail

Photon’s systems are designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon. Each Photon system is rigorously tested to ensure performance, reliability, and longevity, which are the hallmarks of our products.

The benefits to an EV system are clear:


Instant torque delivers immediate power


Cheaper to own and operate than a gas motor

Environmentally Responsible

No emissions, no oil changes, less noise

Download p300 spec sheet