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Photon’s systems are controlled by the Photon Vessel Operating System, or pvOS, which offers intelligent energy management, predictive maintenance, and fleet management for commercial operators.

500 Nm

Peak Torque

300 HP

Peak HP


Battery Capacity
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On-board Benifits

Complete Control
At-a-glance info on how your Photon system is performing.
Human-readable notifications that help you and your team keep your Photon systems running at peak efficiency.
Always Connected
Automatically uploads your vessel's data into the Cloud, enabling real-time tracking and reporting.

The future of boat

pvOS Features

The Photon Vessel Operating System will revolutionize the way you think about your operations on the water.

Range Estimation
Our range estimation algorithms automatically update you on how much farther your batteries will take you.
Maintenance Updates
Never miss a scheduled maintenance with mobile and on-board notifications. Leave it to us to keep your software up-to-date too.
Optimal Energy Management
Speed up. Slow down. We provide operators with real-time feedback on how to get the best performance of their system.
Real-time Location Tracking
No more radioing to see where your captains are. Just open up the mobile app and see with a glance how your fleet is positioned.
Reporting and Anayltics
Track imporant ESG and performance metrics across all the vessels in your fleet, whether it is at a desk or on the go with our mobile app.

Built for Every Vessel

The Photon Vessel Operating System interfaces with your vessels' systems using the NMEA2000 protocol, so you can run pvOS on your vessels, regardless of whether they have a Photon electric system installed or not. Ask us how this might work for your operations today.
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