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Photon’s flagship product, the P300, delivers unparalleled power and torque for the most demanding of marine applications. From water taxis to mariculture to workboats and tourism vessels, the P300 can be outfitted on a number of vessels in single, double, triple, or even quad configurations.

500 Nm

Peak Torque

300 HP

Peak HP


Battery Capacity
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Technical Specifications

300 HP
Manufacturer’s estimate peak combined system output of horsepower and torque.
Battery Capacity
Up to 189 kWh
Packs available in 63 kWh increments
500 Nm
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Explore our products


Photon’s systems are powered by the Photon Vessel Operating System, or pvOS, which offers intelligent energy management, predictive maintenance, and fleet management for commercial operators.

Easy to use

Simple, clear, interface makes operating an electric motor a breeze

Always learning

Our AI and Machine Learning algorithms adapt based on usage to deliver an optimal driving experience tailored to each vessel

Insights at your fingertips

The pvOS mobile app allows you to see your fleet on a single screen and compare their performance