Maritime Blue's Third Wave Includes Plastic Alternatives


January 4, 2023

Algeon Materials, Blue Dot Kitchen and Photon Marine are just a few of 10 startups being supported by Seattle-based accelerator Washington Maritime Blue.

That cohort, cleverly called the Third Wave, is the third set of entrepreneurs in the four-month Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator Program. If history is any indication, they’ll go on to do great things.

Startups from the first two cohorts include Discovery Health, which now employs more than 200 people across the Washington state region, along with Silverback Marine and Pure Watercraft, recently awarded a grant to build an all-electric pump-out vessel for the Port of Lopez. The combined total of capital investment into startups coming through the program tops $200 million, says Josh Carter, program director.

The accelerator program focuses on helping maritime industry startups learn to scale and grow an equitable and sustainable blue economy. Maritime Blue is an independent nonprofit “building the leadership, infrastructure and global connections to scale the blue economy,” says Joshua Berger, CEO.

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