Media Electrified by E Options at Miami International Boat Show

Virginia Aulin

February 28, 2023

Our Photon motor – powering a Silverback Marine workboat – was a media darling at the Miami International Boat Show in mid-February.

We hosted two of America’s largest cable networks – Fox and NewsNation – on the water so they could broadcast live from aboard.

Fox reporter Madison Alworth raved about her ride as she spoke to Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone in New York: “There is no exhaust coming out of this thing, it is SO quiet and, obviously, without any exhaust there is also no smell. I’m on the back of the boat and I’m breathing easy. So, really fascinating to be on this and it’s hopefully a growing sector for those who are in the space, like Photon.”

Xavier Walton of NewsNation sees Photon as the future. When the reporter hopped on the Silverback marine vessel and had his cameraman focus on the Photon motor, he said: “It may look like a traditional boat but it’s far from it, and it’s the future!”

Photon CEO, Marcelino Alveraz, told Walton that, “People are really excited about the prospects of having a boat that is easier to operate, has less maintenance, has lower cost of ownership and delivers the same torque and performance and even more so than you would get from an ICE motor.”

Xavier was frank about the challenges – like the nascent nature of EV fast-charging infrastructure and the higher cost of electric motors – and that some people just don’t get behind the electric era, not for cars and not for boats. Marcelino was equally frank in his response: right now, E boats aren’t for everybody.

That’s why Photon is targeting the commercial market, where operators are paying so much in fuel that their break even period is within a couple of years.

The Miami Boat Show is the biggest in the world. And this year for the first time in the show’s history there was an entire pavilion dedicated to all things marine electric – a handful of boats, a fast-charging station from Aqua SuperPower (one of Photon’s partners) and, of course, the sleek Photon booth, in which we not only featured our 300 hp motor, but also the Sharrow work-of-art-looking prop and the 63 kWh Kriesel battery pack.

The Miami Herald heralded this change with the headline: Cleaner fuels, electric power generate growing interest at Miami Boat Show. And their climate change report, Nico Rivero wrote: “On display at the Miami International Boat Show this week are rows and rows of sleek and sexy gasoline-slurping vessels. And, in a much smaller but growing presence, there also are two visions for a more environmentally-friendly future for boating: electric boats and low-carbon sustainable marine fuel.”

We’re psyched to be seen as propelling the new wave of sustainable tech on the water.

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