Meet Ayo Lamuren, who is dedicated to fighting climate change

Ayomide Lamuren

January 4, 2023

When I started at Photon in June this year, I started with very little knowledge about the energy space and its intersection with Marine. I knew even less about boats! Nonetheless, it’s a space that I was excited about because of a problem that Photon is helping solve, which is climate change.

Growing up in Nigeria, you rarely see green energy anywhere. The air is filled with generators kickstarting, rumbling and not to mention smoke from burning materials and fossil fuels. It’s a new industry globally but especially in many parts of Africa. So, I personally was very interested in renewable energy and contributing to fighting climate change. Coming to the US and seeing the innovation that had happened in the Electric Vehicle space, I got interested in that too. By a stroke of luck and numerous applications, I was able to join Photon for the summer. As I got to learn more about the company, the industries they operate in and issues they tackle, I was very happy to be in a space that very much aligned with goals I had for myself in working in the renewable space. I was able to get even more insight about the marine space and boats in general. I had my first boat ride ever this summer thanks to Photon!

This was also my first time working in a startup and the founders are building a really great company and even greater place to work. They have an inclusive culture, and my experience was better than I had expected. Being that it’s a relatively new company, there are multiple opportunities for growth. I’m taking a class this Fall 2022 at Duke University called Design Thinking and Innovation. This has really helped broaden my perspective when it comes to focusing on customer-centric design, which is especially applicable to the work at Photon.

This summer was definitely an amazing one for me as I also got to experience the great and unique city of Portland, OR. From attending trade show conferences, shop visits and meeting different customers and connectors, it’s a memorable one and I’m excited that I get to be a part of the goal of propelling our world through clearer waters.