Meet Elijah Grant

Elijah Grant

January 4, 2023

Meet Elijah Grant, Business Development Associate

My name is Elijah. I am from Portland, Oregon and have lived the majority of my life in the City of Roses. I bounced around a bit as a kid, spending most of my time on the water in Miami or in Portland.  

I have always loved the outdoors, preferring to ride my bike or exploring over video games as a young child, and logging plenty of hours on a boat. I love the water, love to fish, and spent the majority of his lifetime in and around water (and sun, at least when I lived in Miami!).  

Sports have been a big part of my life, and I've tried a very wide range of different sports, including sailing, which I quickly learned was not for me! I prefer boats with power.  

Growing up in a large family with two incredibly hard working parents gave me a great example of what it meant to demonstrate a commitment to your work and to be successful. Family is a big deal for me, and it truly paved the foundation for my life. Now in his final year at Portland State, I will graduate next spring in the Social Sciences.  

Q & A with Elijah

How has your personal journey helped with your work and progress at Photon Marine?

My parents are incredibly hard working and dedicated to their work. They demonstrated that being successful required doing one’s best, and doing things thoroughly. Their example helped shape my work ethic.  

Additionally, my passion for boating and being on the water makes our work at Photon a joy, versus an obligation. I’m glad to have the chance to be working in a space I enjoy so thoroughly, I “get to” do this.  

What has surprised you the most during your time at Photon?

I’m learning a lot through the sales process at Photon. Selling motor systems is an important, complex and rigorous process. I’m enjoying learning new aspects of the space I hadn’t considered, including the areas of policy, regulations and the approvals involved in transitioning boat fleets to electric propulsion.  

What have you learned that you think might benefit anyone in this industry?

It’s important to do your homework. Spend the time to “get to know” your customer before taking their time. Work to really understand their day-to-day context and the business pressures and realities they’re facing. It’s important to build a real relationship with them, and really get to know them as humans. Set aside your own personal agenda.  

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