Meet Kat Hunt, Photon's VP of Operations, who is Motivated by Impact

Kat Hunt

January 4, 2023

Kat Hunt learning about the complexities of marine electrification from Charles Steinbeck, VP of Business Development, and Scott Morris, Renewable Energy Engineer

It’s been a month since joining Photon and, thus, a month of learning many new topics, which is exactly what I love in a job. 

In mid-November, I took my first trip with Charles Steinbeck, Photon’s VP of Business Development, and Scott Morris, Renewable Energy Engineer, to the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle. I was eager to absorb as much from their respective expertise as possible. 

Scott patiently answered my rapid-fire questions on both train rides. That’s seven hours of questions about AC/DC currents, lithium, electrons, the periodic table, nuclear power, etc., and we only scratched the surface. At the Expo, Charles gave me a tour of the booths, introducing me to the variety of exhibitors, halls, products, and services offered. He taught me about his work in Alaska and how energy/port infrastructure functions differently across regions. 

Having worked across a number of fields, industries, and Big 4 consulting, I like to think I’m well practiced in familiarizing myself with a new industry or market fairly quickly. My trip last week showed me how the boating and fishing industries, and the people working in them, stand apart from others in a couple powerful ways. 

Everyone I met:

  1. Has deep, institutional knowledge across complex subject matter—ecology, ocean science, engineering, to name a few—in the boating and fishing industries.
  2. Understands how all of these subjects work together, creating the balance necessary between sustainable resource use and economic progress.

I work in climate technology because I’m motivated by impact and love the pioneering challenges it poses. Proving it’s possible to find balance between natural resources and financial sustainability is my ultimate goal. Science, technology, and the interconnectivity of them takes time, attention, and expertise. The industries that Photon plays in understands that this balance is necessary for any success. 

This is what makes Photon such a dynamic, challenging, and fun place to work. I’m stoked to be here and part of this team.