Overheard at the Wooden Boat Show

Marcelino Alvarez

January 4, 2023

We had an opportunity to attend the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival this last weekend. We brought up our boat, which as many folks politely noted, isn't made out of wood, and we gave a talk on the future of electric propulsion in the marine industry.

Over the course of several days, we showed off our system, which often entails removing the cowling from the outboard motor to reveal its electric components. That reveal often generates memorable facial expressions and remarks, as does the ensuing conversation detailing how the system works.

We thought we'd share some of our favorite responses.

Holy shit.

Imagine no exhaust fumes.

I didn’t know they made them at that size.


Times a changin’.

Various facial expressions when we tell them the voltage is 400V

Woooooow. (Age 4)

Gas sucks.

Reminds me of a saying I heard in Micronesia — Boats should put the water back where they found it.

No more stinky engine or oil spills

Thank you, Port Townsend, for the wonderful insights, feedback, and interest in what we're working on — looking forward to next year's event.