Superb Service to Create Customer Relationships for Life

Nick Schoeps

January 17, 2023

When your electric vehicle lands on a rock and splits open the battery case in the middle of rocky mountain wilderness what do you do? You call tech support. You call Quentin Wilson. 

Quentin is no foreigner to dangerous situations; he started his career in amateur Sport bike racing. A mechanical MacGyver at heart, he could rebuild his own race machines and soon found that to be a more solid future than his racing career. A few years later he found himself at Ducati North America [a premier motorcycle manufacturer] leading the western Service Team. 

I met Quentin some years later when he started a new challenge at Alta motorcycles. Alta gave him the opportunity to build their North American service team from the ground-up with all-electric motorcycles. There was no playbook to start from for high-voltage systems and the Alta team had to learn on the fly. 

Fortunately for Photon, we get the privilege of picking the brains of an expert as we roll out the best customer experience in electric watercraft. We’re grateful he came to spend time with our team before Christmas.

Brian Boshes, Photon Product Manager, says: “A direct quote from Quentin that I wrote down was: ‘Individuals will continue with the brand based on service.’ In other words, early adopters will try the product because it is interesting but will become champions of the brand based on how well it is supported after purchase.”

Quentin also reminded us to be mindful of different issues when writing training manuals, to think of the diverse needs of service techs and of our end customers and address these needs accordingly. He shared many other valuable lessons that will help us develop a robust engineering toolkit that will ensure Photon excels at meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We’re incorporating Quentin’s sage advice as we finetune our troubleshooting and technical capacities. Because from product to sales to service, Photon is betting on customer relationships for life.