Charting a Course Towards Collaboration

Photon believes in the age-old adage that a rising tide lifts all ships. And in order for those ships to be propelled through electric systems, it will require collaboration, sharing of knowledge and insights, and a proactive leader to pursue safety standards, interoperability, and compatibility.

We believe that the world is ready for such an association, which we’re calling the Marine Electric Vehicle Association, or MEVA for short.

Why MEVA Exists

MEVA is a collaborative and unifying coalition and powerful voice for the electrification of the marine boating, tourism, transport, shipping, logistics, and mobility industry, working to strengthen and accelerate the transition to electric propulsion and protect the interests of its member companies.

Mission Driven from the Start

MEVA is pursuing the following objectives in our nascent industry:


Drive growth and manage risk for the electrification of the marine Industry. Specifically working to accelerate the adoption of electric infrastructure, electric propulsion, and sustainable fuel sources.


Provide a unified voice and leading authority on all things safe electrification - advocate, educate and promote the common interests of those involved in the electrification of the marine Industry.


Assist in the development of setting standards and ensuring interoperability of components and parts in the marine industry.


Work to effectively ensure the development of policies that will support the adoption of marine electrification by engaging with relevant legislatures and governments to educate and inform policy development.


Foster a collaborative environment for the diversity of stakeholders supporting the marine electrification ecosystem by:

  • Sharing relevant learnings and insights
  • Making relevant customer and partner referrals
  • Meeting regularly around an agreed upon agenda to accelerate and strengthen the electric transition and industry adoption

Charter Organizations

MEVA is just getting started, but we’re grateful to have the support of the following ecosystem partners: