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Behind The Scenes Photon Defined

Photon is iterating at the speed of light, always pushing for higher power and more utility on the water. Photon has birthed three prototype vessels in thirteen months with three new motor designs with countless tweaks and improvements folded in.

Nick Schoeps

June 15, 2023

NewsCruise lines see potential for Photon Marine's electric motors

Electric motors are suitable for commercial operators with set routes and clarity about their usage

Seatrade Cruise News

April 13, 2023

NewsClimate Capital Posts Blog to introduce Founders of Photon

Climate Capital invests in early stage founders across verticals, from carbon reduction & removal to adaptation.

Climate Capital

April 12, 2023

Behind The Scenes An Eco-Warrior looks at E-Motors for Expeditions in the Galapagos

The speed/torque in which we sailed through the Miami bay on a windy and choppy day was great; it made me feel safe and I could also envision our guests traveling on our zodiacs with a Photon Marine motor system in the (I hope) near future.

Santiago Dunn

March 23, 2023

Behind The Scenes The Power of Partnerships

We developed a collaborative community to get the Photon Marine motor on the water in Miami to show potential customers what’s possible in the EV marine world.

Virginia Aulin

March 14, 2023

Behind The Scenes Media Electrified by E Options at Miami International Boat Show

TV reporter: "It is SO quiet and, obviously, without any exhaust there is also no smell. I’m on the back of the boat and I’m breathing easy. So, really fascinating to be on this and it’s hopefully a growing sector for those who are in the space, like Photon.”

Virginia Aulin

February 28, 2023

Behind The Scenes Photon is Officially on the Scene!

Photon is committed to leading the commercial marine sector to healthier alternatives and will have a working product for sea trials at the marina and a strong booth presence in the convention center at the Miami International Boat Show.

Tara Russell

February 9, 2023

Behind The Scenes Searching for Meaning: People Want to Work for Start-ups Tackling Climate Change

Photon’s founding team is passionate about becoming the most trusted electric propulsion provider serving the most fragile ecosystems and communities around the world. And they have been successful at recruiting intelligent, creative, ambitious people to join the team.

Virginia Aulin

February 6, 2023

Behind The Scenes Superb Service to Create Customer Relationships for Life

Fortunately for Photon, we get the privilege of picking the brains of a mechanical MacGyver as we roll out the best customer experience in electric watercraft.

Nick Schoeps

January 17, 2023

Behind The Scenes A Love for the Ocean is in my Blood

We believe in a world where smart meets clean. We believe that our oceans and waterways are vital to our planet, and that we MUST protect them.

Tara Russell

January 8, 2023

Behind The Scenes Meet Brian Boshes: "A 'classic' product manager role is far from what I get to do on a daily basis."

The technology and processes that Photon Marine is developing for the marine industry are really exciting! I’m looking forward to working on the hardware and software solutions that Photon will be bringing to market.

Brian Boshes

January 4, 2023

Behind The Scenes Meet Kat Hunt, Photon's VP of Operations, who is Motivated by Impact

People in the boating and fishing industries have deep, institutional knowledge across complex subject matter—ecology, ocean science, engineering, to name a few.

Kat Hunt

November 29, 2022

Behind The Scenes The Right Direction at the Right Moment in Time

We believe in the mission and are excited by the technology. Also, the tangible markets that Photon has identified are compelling and without end. Combine that with a team that is crazy smart and dedicated and it wasn’t at all hard to decide to be part of this.

Christine Nienstedt

November 17, 2022

Business InsightsFinding Fortune in Failure: By building a culture that finds fortune in failure, I empower my team to design and build at their very best

If the motor hadn’t failed so early in the process, we would have spent many weeks trying to hunt down the issue. Manufacturing errors will happen and, though the failure cause is external, the reaction is the same. Take stock of the situation, embrace the failure, discuss what we’ve learned and how we can move forward stronger.

Nick Schoeps

November 9, 2022

Behind The Scenes Meet Aditya Salvi, who is enjoying learning about the intricacies of the EV space

Electric conversion of an outboard is more complex than just getting the powerhead out and fitting the motor. It’s about making sure the entire system works in harmony to have the best efficiency and consumer experience.

Aditya Salvi

November 7, 2022

PressEVs, food delivery, women's apparel and biotech big winners at Bend Venture Conference 2022

Seven companies walked away with checks totaling $665,000 from this year’s Bend Venture Conference. A big winner from the two-day investment conference was Portland-based Photon Marine, which collected $235,000. The company won one of the conference investments under the impact category snagging $45,000 from the BVC Impact LLC. It also landed a $150,000 investment from Elevate Capital and its Innovation Gap Fund II and $40,000 from Portland Seed Fund.

Portland Business Journal

October 27, 2022

Behind The Scenes Meet Ayo Lamuren, who is dedicated to fighting climate change

Summertime fun with Photon

Ayomide Lamuren

October 25, 2022

PressPortland's Photon Marine aims to electrify commercial boat fleets

Portland entrepreneur Marcelino Alvarez grew up on the water in South Florida, making his latest venture Photon Marine a homecoming of sorts. Photon Marine is building high-powered electric outboard motors for commercial boats. Think: the boats used for fishing, for transportation, for tourism. The goal is to electrify this portion of the maritime sector and help protect fragile ocean ecosystems.

Portland Business Journal

September 19, 2022

Behind The Scenes Behind the Scenes: Meet Vandana Agarwal

Meet one of Photon's Business Development Associates from the Summer 2022 program, Vandana Agarwal

Vandana Agarwal

September 15, 2022

Behind The Scenes Overheard at the Wooden Boat Show

Marcelino Alvarez

September 13, 2022

Business InsightsFive Reasons Electric Propulsion Makes Sense

The time is now to transition vessels to electric propulsion. Photon’s Chief Strategy Officer Tara Russell shares some perspectives on the benefits and reasons for switching from gas to electric.

Tara Russell

August 28, 2022

Behind The Scenes Meet Elijah Grant

One our Business Development Associates, Elijah Grant, shares some insights from his experiences this summer working at Photon Marine.

Elijah Grant

August 28, 2022

Behind The Scenes Boats Don’t Fit in Buckets

Photon CTO Nick Schoeps shares his perspective on the complexities of EV propulsion on the water.

Nick Schoeps

August 28, 2022

PressSilverback Marine unveils industry-first collared landing craft

Tacoma, Wash., aluminum boat builder Silverback Marine has released details of its latest brainchild for the small commercial workboat market: a fully collared, large-door landing craft.

Marine Log

August 19, 2022

PressMaritime Blue's Third Wave Includes Plastic Alternatives

Algeon Materials, Blue Dot Kitchen and Photon Marine are just a few of 10 startups being supported by Seattle-based accelerator Washington Maritime Blue.


August 18, 2022

PressPhoton Marine offers high-powered electric motors for commercial boats

Photon Marine, a new company whose principals include cruise industry veteran Tara Russell, is developing high-powered electric outboard motors for a wide range of commercial fleets.

Seatrade Cruise News

August 18, 2022

Behind The Scenes Batteries are boring

Batteries SHOULD be boring. The Chevy Bolt has exciting batteries right now - nobody wants that. I went to The Battery Show in Novi, MI for the third time in 5 years and it was more boring than ever - which is GREAT! It’s boring even for someone who likes batteries (this guy right here - guilty nerd).

Nick Schoeps

August 16, 2022

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